The Best Soil Mix For A Bonsai Tree

The Best Soil Mix For A Bonsai Tree

Little needs to be said on the importance of soil when planting any given tree. They maintain good drainage, provide oxygen, and retain water and essential nutrients for the tree to grow. Bonsai soil isn’t any different. But the kind of ingredients that make up a bonsai’s soil may be different from other plants and matter greatly for its overall care. That’s why you want to ensure you’re supplying the best soil mix for this specific tree. Here are some guidelines on what to look for.

Best Bonsai Soil Mix

Our Top 4 Ingredients For The Best Bonsai Soil Mix

1. Compost

Compost is vital in providing a tree its nutrients, and it also stabilizes the soil structure. So including this as part of your soil mixture is a necessity. It can also help retain water, which could make or break your bonsai plant, depending on how dry of a climate you live in. If you’re unable to water your bonsai tree often, you’ll probably need to add more of this organic matter in order to sustain moisture for a longer period of time.

2. Red Lava Rock Chips

There is various non-organic matter to choose from when deciding the ingredients of your mixture. But I found red lava rock chips to be an excellent contribution due to its porous traits. It is also ideal for preventing a large amount of buildup which can cause drainage and infiltration problems.

3. Pumice

This non-organic substance is known for its light weight and is a great addition to your bonsai tree’s soil mixture. It is a crucial part of the aeration and oxygen cycle and can hold a good amount of moisture. Although pumice is sometimes used as an alternative to the red lava rock chips, having both of them will only be more beneficial for the tree’s  absorption ability. Pumice will also help in creating roots very efficiently.

4. Akadama

Akadama is one of the more popular minerals associated with planting a bonsai tree. Its unique features allow water to easily pass while also being absorbed sufficiently by the tree’s roots. They also break down at a slower rate compared to some of the other components.

These mixtures will provide excellent sustainability for a bonsai tree and are readily available in a myriad of brands. These ingredients are pretty simple, but the simplest of ingredients often make the best recipe. And combining them will give your tree a healthy life.

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