Fiddle Leaf Fig Rescue Drops

Fiddle Leaf Fig Rescue Drops by Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource | 3-in-1 Liquid Fertilizer, Root Supplement & Immunity Booster (3.3 Fluid Ounces – 100ml)

  • RESCUE YOUR AILING HOUSEPLANTS: Yellow spots on leaves, brown spots, stunted growth, bacterial root rot, fungal root rot, lacking essential nutrients, all have different causes. Rescue drops is the 3-in-1 solution that is a treatment for these issues! Rescue Drops is a wonderful vitamin for maintaining healthy plants, fighting root rot, and helping plants propagate! Formulated for fiddle leaf fig tree (ficus lyrata) and also works for other common houseplants.
  • WORKS ON BOTH OUTDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLANTS: Fiddle leaf fig plants require precise nutrients to thrive, promoting their growth, vitality, and robust root stimulator systems. Our exclusive Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food offers a tailored and organic plant food solution for a happy houseplant. Organic, Enriched with Calcium, Urea-Free, and Featuring an NPK Ratio of 3-1-2 to Promote Robust Roots, Stems & Leaves and also a propagation promoter. Works on indoor and outdoor plants.
  • EFFORTLESSLY FEED YOUR PLANTS WITH NO HASSLE OR SPILLS! Simply mix 10 drops of our Organic Rescue Drops with 2 cups of water, and pour into your potting soil. Our Non-Toxic Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is designed to be gentle and safe for your plants, making it suitable for every watering session. Sea Kelp Extract and Humic Acids address the unique nutritive needs of houseplants.
  • INCLUDES FREE FIDDLE LEAF FIG CARE WEBINAR AND E-BOOK: Enhance your purchase with a complimentary Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Webinar and E-Book, which will equip you with the knowledge to cultivate the ideal fiddle leaf fig in your home and address any issues you might encounter.
  • GENTLE ON PLANTS AND EASY TO APPLY: All organic. Our original Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is specially formulated to nourish your beloved plant with care and attention. Unlike other plant foods, it contains absolutely no urea or harmful chemicals that could potentially harm your cherished green companion. This organic plant food is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your plant care routine, ensuring a non-toxic and gentle approach to a vibrant houseplant.
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