4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Bonsai Tree

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Bonsai Tree Care
Let Us Help You Grow!

If you’re not sure exactly how to care for your bonsai tree or any bonsai plant, we’re here to help! Caring for a new bonsai can be overwhelming, especially if you see it starting to go downhill. You know you need to act quickly to save it, but many plant owners worry about the proper amounts of sunlight, water, fertilizer and care.

Well, that is exactly why we created Bonsai Resource Center, to provide helpful tips for growing strong and healthy plants. If your bonsai looks sickly, appears unhealthy, or just isn’t growing the way you want it, we can help!

Bonsai Tree Care

The Best Bonsai Fertilizer
for Bonsai Trees

Just like every other important thing in your life, we know you love your bonsai and want to give it everything it needs to grow—the right amount of sunlight, water, fertilizer, and care that is best suited for it.

Did you know that the ficus retusa Linn, which is found at the Crespi Bonsai Museum in Italy, is believed to be the oldest existing bonsai tree in the world at an estimated 1,000 years old? With the right care and nutrients, you can grow a long-living bonsai as well!

Unlocking the benefits of
Your Bonsai Plant

Bonsai is an art that is rooted deep in culture and tradition. Growing bonsai trees provides a pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity for the grower, and the bonsai plant itself is a source of aesthetics, tranquility and peace.

Here at Bonsai Resource Center, we want to help you unlock the magic that a bonsai plant possesses. We offer resources that will aid you in your bonsai journey and hope that you too will “grow” along with your bonsai.


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Are You Starving Your Bonsai?
Bonsai Resource Center

Bonsai Resource Center

Are You Starving Your Bonsai?

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